Monday, November 19, 2007

Detailed Fed Funds Injections Since 2006

Much is being said these days on financial entertainment TV and publications about the huge Fed injections. In particular, every Thursday we hear about some huge numbers that is now a new record. These "injections" are in the form of TOMOs and POMOs (temporary and permanent open market operations). Reality is that these numbers are nothing out of the ordinary - so far. The table below shows the total amount of funds actually added since 2006.

The table shows the amounts added for each month of 2007, the total for 2006, the total for 2007, the totals since Jan 2006, and since May 2007.

The total amount "injected" since Jan 2006 until today is $1B.
The total amount "injected" since 2007 until today is $7B.

Up to Nov 19 2007In $B USD

DateTotalTotalTotalNet Add


Jan 07 only1277.83176.00184.75-8.75

Feb 07 only1184.42193.75180.5013.25

Mar 07 only1282.64228.25240.25-12.00

Apr 07 only1066.00167.75149.5018.25

May 07 only1140.55167.00182.75-15.75

Jun 07 only1161.70177.75188.25-10.50

Jul 07 only1238.35185.00180.005.00

Aug 07 only1598.49209.00200.758.25

Sep 07 only1220.82236.50230.256.25

Oct 07 only1905.18268.75265.003.75

Nov 07 only1035.90190.00190.75-0.75

2006 only13239.472125.502131.50-6.00

Since Jan 200627351.364325.254324.251.00

Since Jan 200714111.892199.752192.757.00

Data is obtained from the Federal Reserve web site as well as from the "Slosh" report.

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