Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Noront and Fancamp Update, Just be Patient

As reported in February. Robert McEwen and others bought into a private offering of Noront. The purchase price was $4, with additional warrants at $5, exercisable for 2 years. Noront currently trades around $7, just a few weeks after this announcement. These investors have made, at least on paper, many millions of dollars of profit.

Fancamp reached today a new 52-week high, currently trading around $3. This stock was trading at $1.30 in January, and around $0.17 1 year ago.

These stocks will likely have major pullbacks, offering new entry opportunities. As the markets experience severe down swings, expect these stocks to be hit hard as investors take profits and get rid of speculative positions. All you need is patience to get a better entry point.

NOT has the best drill results (so far), FNC the best property.

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