Saturday, January 31, 2009

Obama Stimulus Package and Made in USA Provisions

Would you kindly take 2 seconds to vote on this poll:

Do you agree that the Obama stimulus package should contain "Made in USA only" provisions?

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chlo888 said...

Hi Shocked,
I wanted to comment on your piece titled "The Ultra ETFs Should Not Be Used For Long Term Holding. How to Make Money With Them." I understand how one can profit if shorting the long and short etf of the same issue such as the sso and sds. But was wondering if you had considered in your research that if you are short, you would have to pay the dividend that would be due. If not, this will change your performance numbers somewhat.

Can you tell me if you did include this factor in your analysis?

Thanks so much for your blog!


Logostock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Logostock said...

Hi Shocked,
I love your post,s on stranddels, i have made some money on them.
Thanks so much for your blog, pls keep this posts camming.

The Shocked Investor said...


Thank you for the comment and question. Neither paying back dividends nor interest from the capital raised by the short sale were considered. The idea is that two should somewhat cancel each other and would not affect the general idea.

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