Friday, October 28, 2011

Investing: Smart Money Versus Dumb Money - in Real Time

Readers know that I use INO's tools. They are great visual tools for technical analsys in real-time, and trading 24h. They have a new promotion to access their tools, for technical analysis and real-time  alerts. It is tied to smart money versus dumb money.

“Smart Money” usually refers to big banks, trading desks and hedge funds with highly trained traders, trading systems and lots of trading capital. “Dumb Money” is the everyday trader that has found a way to consistently buy high and sell low and they let fear/greed control their trading, dwindling trading accounts and confidence.

INO: "We could all use a seasoned market veteran telling us what they think the market is doing, where it is headed, explaining how current world events could possibly effect market conditions and giving out a few trade ideas. INO's daily update does exactly this for free.

Access now.

Whether you are “Smart Money,” “Dumb Money” or probably in-between somewhere in between you can really benefit from these completely free, educational videos. He puts one out every day at 1pm, they are extremely actionable, on the money and cost you nothing.

Watch today’s video here:

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