Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roubini: Euro Contagion is Now Viral; Eurozone Breakup

"Europeans have a plan to have a plan". That won't work...

Yahoo: Nouriel Roubini says about Europe that "money alone is not going to resolve the problems" "contagion is spreading" "The contagion has now gone viral, cross Atlantic and global."
"Most ominously, credit spreads are widening on the sovereign debts of France and Belgian among other core nations. In addition, there are acute signs of stress in interbank lending such as LIBOR and the TED spread while many European banks are facing a shortage of dollars".

"It's a slow-motion train wreck,"

There is "at least a 50% probability" of breakup of the eurozone in the next 2-to-3 years

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