Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Euro Hits Near 2-Year Low on Spain Troubles

The euro fell today to it lowest level in 23 months against the U.S. Dollar.

Spain's banking sector and soaring borrowing costs are the topic of the day, and after Italy was forced to pay dearly to sell debt.

"The euro was seen highly vulnerable to further falls, with many analysts looking for a drop towards $1.20.
Concerns are growing that Spain may have to tap debt markets at a time when bond yields are near unsustainable levels. Market players fretted that it may be forced to seek an international bailout.
Adding to the euro's woes, Italy sold bonds at a very high cost, with 10-year yields topping 6 percent for the first time this year as sentiment on the indebted economy looked vulnerable to contagion from Spain's worsening problems". (Reuters)

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