Friday, August 24, 2007

Yet More Companies Holding ABCP

And the number keeps growing. The number of companies that bought these funds is probably too high to keep track of, likely in the hundreds or thousands. My intention here is mainly to keep track of the miners and small cap energy companies. For this I have been contacting the companies in whcih I own shares. Many have responded, but some have not. This will be published next week, hopefully in a better format. Here are some new names:

Acceleware Corp.: approximately $1.45 million of its $7.2 million in cash and cash equivalents is invested in Coventree's SIT.
Air Canada: $37-million
Dundee Bank of Canada: up to $400-million
Nav Canada: $368-million (GTAA?)
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan board: $60-million
Petrolifera Petroleum Ltd.: $20-million of Series A notes issued by MMAI-I Trust and $11.4-million of Series A Notes issued by Apsley Trust, due and payable Aug. 15, but were not repaid.
Professionals' Fund Group: unspecified amount
Société générale de financement: $137-million
The Westaim Corp.: $19.7-million
Western Canadian Coal Corp.: $5-million issued through HSBC, with $3 million in Selkirk Trust ABCP and a $2 million Symphony Trust ABCP. The $3 million Selkirk Trust ABCP matured on August 21, 2007 and remains outstanding. The $2 million Symphony Trust ABCP matures in September 2007.

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