Friday, July 10, 2009

World's Largest Companies in 2009, Fortune 500 Top 10

Fortune Magazine has just released its Fortune 500 list, the world's largest companies. The economic crisis has produced signifcant chnages. Out of the top 10, 7 are oil producers (Shell, Exxon, BP, Chevron, COP, Total, SinoPec), one is a financial (ING), one a retailer (WMT), and one an auto mfg. (Toyota).

Top 10:

1 - Royal Dutch Shell: Oil; US$ 458B
2 - Exxon Mobil: Oil; US$ 442B
3 - Wal-Mart: Retailer; US$ 405B
4 - BP: Oil; US$ 367B
5 - Chevron: Oil; US$ 263B
6 - Total: Oil; US$ 234B
7 - ConocoPhillips: Oil; US$ 230B
8 - ING: Financial; US$ 226B
9 - Sinopec: Oil; US$ 207B
10 - Toyota Motors: Automobile

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Barron's article on Brasil Foods, merger of PDA and SDA.



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