Monday, April 12, 2010

The Best and the Worst ETFs on The Market, Out of 800+ ETFs

We computed the performance of all ETFs that trade in the US since Jan 2 2009. below you will find two tables showing the top 25 and the bottom 25.

The tables show the ETF symbol, their names, average trading volume, prices in Jan 209 and last Friday, and overall performance.

Top 25 (best performers):

The top three are RSX (Russia) with a gain of 153%, UYM (ultra basic materials, +147%), and KOL (coal, +147%).

Bottom 25 (worst performers):

Not surprisingly, the worst of the worst is the 3X leveraged FAZ (Direxxion short Financials) with a staggering loss of over 96%. This is a near total loss. Note that there is no corresponding gain the ultra version FAS).

FAZ is followed by SRS (short real estate), RFN (Rydex inverse 2X), TZA (Direxxion 3X short), all with losses near or over 90%. There is a lot of money lost in these vehicles.

Note that Direxxion ETFs are quite well represented in the worst of the worst. Note also UNG in this list.

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