Monday, April 12, 2010

Greece Gets $60B Subsidized Loans Paid by All Of Us: Top 20 Global ETFs to Buys and To Sell

Greece has been given yet another offer from Europe and the IMF, this time about $60B in low interest loans. Looks like we will all be subsidizing those Greek loans.

This may push stocks markets a higher a little big longer, but the chaos and confusion will remain.

Here are all global country ETFs tracked live.

We computed the relative strength values of all global ETFs on the market, and sorted them by our favorite indicator RSI-A, which serves as an average of short, medium and long time frames).

Top 20 Most Oversold:

Note that FXP is an ultra-short on China, therefore China is overbought. Next are EWI (Italy) and EWP (Spain). The PIGS rule.

Top 20 most overbought:

Most oversold of all is EWM (Malaysia), followed by TUR (Turkey) and EWW (Mexico).

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