Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Park: Deflation is Back in Play; Government Money Did Not Work; Long TLT and USD

The great Danielle Park was interviewed by BNN today. As always, she was great and right on. Some of her points:
  • German ban on naked short selling is a desperate stroke; government intervention on the markets does not work
  • It's being done because politicians wnat to be popular (defending the Euro)
  • Debt is the real problem
  • She is long USD, TLT

  • Risk assets are being sold

  • Shanghai is the canary in the global cola mine; it peaked in August

  • TLT is saying the deflation is back in play. All the money governments threw at the economy did not work

  • 40 states have aannounced job cuts (to balance budgets)

  • Moving away from oil, gold, China, Canada
Ms. Park is the author of the great book "Juggling Dynamite", reviewed and recommended here on April 7.

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