Monday, July 19, 2010

Google's Gamble Fails: Nexus One Cell Phone Is Discontinued

Google's parading-shifting cell phone, the Nexus One, powered by Android OS, is set to be discontinued, adccording to a WSJ report. The phone was a victim of poor marketing by Google, who insisted on selling the phone over its web store only, as well as poor customer service.

The Wall Street Journal reports: "missteps and weak demand foiled the Internet company's attempt to shake up the way wireless phones are distributed."

"Nexus One, released in January, was seen as a bold experiment by Google to sell phones directly to consumers over the Web—with or without a cellphone contract. It failed amid poor sales and complaints about customer service."

Android OS Lives

Other phones running Google's Android will live on however. Motorola's Droid X phone has run out of inventory at Verizon Wireless stores.

In May, Android accounted for 13% of U.S. smartphone users, up from 9% in February, and compared with 24.4% for Apple.

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