Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aviation: New Embraer Cargo Plane, KC-390, To Fly in 2014

Embraer, symbol ERJ in New York, will designing its largest aircraft yet, the KC-390. The cargo plane will be suitable for transport of troops, tanks, refueling and general cargo. Its first flight will be in November 2014, shortly after the roll our ceremony. The first flight of series unit will be held two years later, in 2016.

Air Force Command is the lead investor in the program. In April 2009 it authorized a a total allocation of $ 3.028 billion for project development and production of preliminary models.

Two weeks ago the Brazilian Air Force announced its willingness to purchase an initial batch of 28 KC-390 aircraft. At current market value of equipment of the same class, the business is estimated at $ 3.04 billion.

"With this, the government makes it clear that the program is irreversible and in tune with the national strategy," said Defense Minister Nelson Jobim.

The KC-390 will play in a huge and rich international market. The payload rose from 19.5 to 23.6 tonnes, four thousand pounds more than in the initial specification.
The electronic configuration adopts the Computed Air Release Point, CARP, which allows the release of cargo with precision. The pilots will have digital displays and night vision system from optical resources integrated with helmets.

The KC-390 will have specific resources for self-defense, as decoys for missiles and jamming devices.

The engine supplier has not yet been decided. Engines must have less than 30,000 pounds and more than 25,000 pounds of thrust. It is a way of keeping costs down without loss of performance: the jet will fly at 850 km/hour, with at least 15% cheaper than competitors.

The aircraft will be able to land and takeoff on poor runways, including semi-prepared ground, with holes up to 40cm deep.

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