Saturday, February 12, 2011

Egypt Volatility: Opportunity in Oil ETFs; The Top ETFs To Buy and To Sell

The situation in Egypt has caused oil to spike up and come crashing down. If you have filled up your car recently, you know how this has affected your pocket.

The price volatility has also deeply affected oil ETFs. We computed the RSI value of oil ETFs and have sorted them for short term and long term investments.

Please note that we track all oil ETFs live here.

Below is the current status of oil ETFs in term of overbought and oversold conditions.


These are the results sorted by monthly values.

Most oversold is DDG. Most overbought are OIH and DIG. (please click on each stock ticker links to receive buy/sell alerts and technical analysis on them).


These are the value sorted by daily values:

The two most oversold are HOU and USO. The most overbought are DNO and DTO.

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