Monday, September 26, 2011

JPM"s Dimon Attacks Marc Carney; Carney Infers Bankers Are Troglodytes

The FT says it was a tirade against well-respected Marc Carney. According to The Globe and Mail's  it appears that to have been more a full-on assault this weekend meeting in Washington.
Mr. Dimon's "tirade: occurred in a room filled with bankers and finance officials.

Mr. Carney was highly critical of bankers in a speech Sunday morning to the International Institute of Finance. “In no other aspect of human endeavour do men and women not strive to learn and improve,” “The sad experience of the past few years shows that there is ample scope to improve the efficiency and resilience of the global financial system.”

Now a troglodyte is a "member of a prehistoric race of people that lived in caves, holes and dens. Has also been a term used to describe a person who is a recluse, a brute, ill-mannered or simply out-of-date".

Carney: “It is difficult to believe that prolonging this implementation phase even further would have material impact on real economic outcomes,” Mr. Carney said. “If some institutions feel pressure today, it is because they have done too little for too long, rather than because they are being asked to do too much, to soon.”

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