Thursday, March 29, 2012

FIFA WC2014 In Brazil: Costs To Skyrocket; As If It Was Unexpected

You read this here before, years ago.

Prestigious newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo reports that delays in the 2014 World Cup will make the final cost of the 2014 World Cup be far higher to what everyone imagined five years ago. The finding was made by the leaders of FIFA, which on Wednesday put full pressure on the country because of the difficulties in the organization and made it clear: Brazil should not save money to ensure that everything is prepared.

Sure... As if none of this was known and expected. Somebody will make lots of money.

The actual costs are conflicting. A recent report by the TCU (Court of Audit) indicates a value of just over R$25 billion (US$ 15B), based on data from the Responsibility Matrix. But the agency itself complained of outdated data and gave 60 days within the Ministry of Sports to update the information in the Matrix.

In the evaluation of the members of FIFA, the delays will make the final price of the world cup explode.

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