Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dr. Doom (Marc Faber) in Montreal: Bonds are the Short of the Century

Marc Faber, editor and publisher of the "Gloom, Boom, & Doom Report", was on BNN today (watch). Interestingly, he was in the Swiss national ski team in his youth, when he used to ski and drink a lot. He still skis but says it is not as fast as he used to (but he still drinks a lot in the business world).

Some of his points today:

- Sees US deficits in the trillions for decades to come.
- Government bonds are the "short of the century".
- The USD is a doomed currency, as are most other currencies who are just printing and printing.
- Oils and minerals will appreciate
- Should start to nibble on real estate
- Technology: strong companies (MSFT, INTC, Infosys) will take market sgare
- Markets right now need a correction
- Right now not the best buying opportunity

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