Monday, May 11, 2009

Nortel Results for Q1 2009

Nortel has just reported its results for Q1 2009. The company has revenues of just over $1.7B. Q1 revenue per business unit (in $M):

The company made no announcements of specific sales of its divisions, but said that assessments (by 3rd parties/buyers) are ongoing. It also said that it is decentralizing its global and common operations, which makes it easier for each unit to become fully standalone, a clear indication that the sales of its business units are ongoing.

At 9:35PM shares are oscillating around Friday's closing price of $0.30. With sales of $1.7B in the quarter, there clear value here. High gain, high risk.

UPDATE 10AM: There was a dip to $0.23 which presented a great buying opportunity, price recovered to $0.26/$0.27.

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