Friday, June 18, 2010

BP CEO Says "I Don't Know" 66 Times. Company May Lose US Oil Fields

I retrospect, there was nothing possibly good that could come out of the BP oil leakage hearings.
Bloomberg was counting the number of times he said 'I don't know: 66 times.

“Mr. Hayward’s comments today, saying ‘I don’t know’ 66 times, evaporated any feeling of responsibility,” “Any goodwill that the company bought back yesterday eroded today with his testimony” says Matt Eventoff, a partner at New Jersey communications firm, Princeton Public Speaking.

Deepended Suspicions

"In his testimony yesterday, Hayward not only failed to convince lawmakers he was committed to making BP safer, he may have deepened suspicion of the company by repeatedly pleading ignorance to events that took place under his command"

"BP's failure to set safety standards to prevent the Gulf of Mexico oil spill may cost the company control over U.S. oil fields"

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