Thursday, September 9, 2010

Apple Finally Clues In: Allows Adobe's Flash Player

Perhas we should give credit to Samsung for this. Samsung released its tablet PC, as reported here, and it allows Flash player, unlike Apple used to. Or it could also be in conjunction with the fact that Apple also lost the number one spot in cell phone to to Google's Android.

They milked the iPhone and the iPad all they could, now Apple's arrogance has taken a hit: it has now decided to allow Flash player for development and in its store.

The Wall Street Jounal says: "Apple Inc.'s less-than-forthcoming press release about relaxing restrictions put on app developers may be an indication that it's retreating in its battle against Adobe Systems' flash technology, used to design Internet sites. According to Apple's release, one of the sections relaxed was 3.3.1, which had required developers to use Apple-approved programming languages".

Adobe, ADBE, jumped +11%. GOOG is up +1.8%.

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