Monday, September 27, 2010

POMO is The Reason Why Markets Are Going Up. "Equity Markets Are For Losers"

Here is a fascinating video on what is going on with the markets.

"One of the reasons is what are called POMO: [...] what happens is the Fed buys Treasuries off the banks off the banks, the banks put the money into the market. They do about 6B per day. [...] That amount of money turns the algorithms up, then all the algo trading hits the market. Real life investment managers are not doing this buying. [...] equities are for losers."

"The S&P is being effectively goosed up by what we once used to call the Plunge Protection Team - they can keep doing this for a little bit longer. But according to me the April high will not break [...]"

"all of those Keynesian stimuli did not work."

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