Saturday, October 9, 2010

Remarkable: Rescue Tunnel Reaches Chilean Miners Trapped for 65 Days

This remarkable story is nearing its end. The official start of the lifting the miners to the surface will being Tuesday. The 'B" rescue shaft is expected to reach the miners betwee 8h and 10h this morning local time.

At 6:49AM the shaft was within 10m of the chamber.

The 33 Chilean miners have been trapped now for 65 days - so far, setting a record for the length of time workers have survived underground after a mining accident. Rescuers today are drilling the last part of an escape shaft.

Engineers will then decided how much of the shaft needs to be lined in metal. Then marines will be sent down and the miners will be lifted one by one, in an operation that will take up to 17 days.

Engineers have drilled down nearly 700m or 2,050 ft down.

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