Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Farce: Irish Banks Passed European Bank Stress Tests in July 2010

Back on July 23 2010, these were the enws:


"Regulators announced Friday that seven of 91 European banks failed stress tests meant to reassure investors about the stability of the continent's banking system.

Five Spanish banks, one German bank and one Greek bank were the only institutions to fail."

The banks failing were:
  • German bank Hypo Real Estate Holding
  • ATEBank of Greece
  • Diada,
  • Unnim,
  • Espiga,
  • Banca Civica
  • Cajasur.

  Ireland's AIB and IRE passed.

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Unknown said...

Breaking news: Irish government has taken majority control of Bank of Ireland (IRE) this evening.


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