Thursday, November 25, 2010

Irish Unions: Government Has No Mandate to Sign Recovery Plan; 90,000 Jobs to be Lost

The ICTU, Irish Congress of Trade Unions, says it is "abundantly clear that the Government doesn’t have a mandate to sign off on its national recovery plan".

David Begg, Ictu's general secretary, said that that the four-year plan could cost 90,000 jobs.

Irish Times: "Congress president Jack O’Connor said the trade union movement was always reluctant to call on a democratically elected government to vacate office.

However he said it was the view of congress that it would be better if people were given the opportunity to have their say in “these far-reaching matters”.

“It is abundantly clear that this Government doesn’t have a mandate to sign off on a plan as controversial as this.”

The Ictu is organising a big demonstration and rally in Dublin this Saturday, in protest against the Government’s economic policies.

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