Monday, December 6, 2010

The Top Dividend ETFs For The End of 2010 (and 2011?)

The relative strengh index (RSI) of a stock price gives a good indication of overbought and overbought conditions. We computed the RSI of all dividend ETFs and then ordered the by short and long timeframes. Short timeframes are measured in days, long timeframes are measured in months.

Here they are ordered from most oversold to overbought.

Short timeframe

There are no oversold ETFs in the short timefranme. The "cheapest" in this sense is DOO, the Wisdomtree International Fund, which tracks and index that measures the performance of high dividend-yielding international stocks outside the financial sector.

The worst are VIG and DON, Vanguard Appreciation dividend ETF, and WisdomTree midcap dividend ETF.
Long timeframe

Again in the longer timeframe, there are no oversold ETFs, with the best value represented by DXJ, Wisdomtree's Japan's dividend ETF. The worst (most overbought) are DON, DTN and the Canadian CDZ, Claymore TSX dividend ETF. It's buyer beware with these.


This is the average of all three timeframe indicators, daily, weekly, and monthly.

DOO figurs again as the bets value, with VIG, CDZ, and VIG the worst values, all figures consistent with the short and long timeframes as discussed above.

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