Monday, December 6, 2010

Watch Bernanke's Interview With 60 Minutes; Says Housing Can't Get Any Weaker

Bernanke's full interview with 60 Minutes is below.

He says the chances of a double dip recession are very low because housing is very weak and can't get any weaker. He also says the fed is not printing: money and that they are only lowering rates by buying bonds and not increasing the amount of money in circulation.

So does this assume then thar the Fed can buy bonds forever and that would not be negative? I wish the interviewer would have asked: "this money being used to buy bonds, where did it come from? Did it exist already or was it created"  (not printed of course).

When asked how confident he was that the Fed could contain inflation if it materializes, he answered "100%". I think he has lost credibility on that one. If it is 100% certain for the Fed to fix things, why are things not fixed, in fact far from it?

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