Monday, April 11, 2011

Brazilian Police Uses Hi-Tech Glasses to Find Criminals In Real-Time

It is with this little equipment that police will effectively "shoot" the audience and detect whether there are criminals, missing persons, wanted people, in the crowd.

The "biometrics facial" system consists of a special camera that is installed on glasses, captures an image of people and then forwards them to a police real-time database. Then the system knows if the person that appears in the picture has some sort of trouble with the law. If this occurs, a small red square appears on the camera lens and the police can take the necessary steps.

Major Leandro Pavani Agostini says: "It's quiet because you do not questions the person does not ask for documents. The computer does it,"

The equipment is offered by a representative of a company in Israel. There, now works as a controller boundaries.

"It will be very useful and will help the city as a whole, from city bus and airport terminals to a shows and events,"

Twins. The system claims that will not be errors even if for twins. To the naked eye twins are two identical people, but not for 46,000 points of similarity that the system uses. Normally, the ability to view camera is up to 50 meters away. Depending on the case, however, the system can be adapted to work 20 kilometers away.

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