Thursday, April 7, 2011

Portugal Now Says Needs Bailout, After Denying It Needed One for Months; Who is Next to Lie?

The news today is that Portugal is seeking a bailout. You may remember all the government declarations in previous months, they all denied they needed a bailout, and that would not happen. How can anyone believe what these people say? One wonders if next we will see headlines httys Spain does not need a bailout.

Portugal will seek a bailout from the European Union after the nation’s political crisis pushed borrowing costs to record levels and forced it to become the third euro-region country needing a rescue.
Jose Socrates, Portugals's Prime Minister: “I tried everything but we came to a moment that not taking this decision would bring risks we can’t afford,”  said in a televised statement in Lisbon yesterday. He tried everything indeed.

Now I read in Brazilian newspapers yesterday that people in Brazil are wonderign if they will ever see their money back.

Portugal is looking for a package of about 75 billion euros..

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