Thursday, April 28, 2011

China, The Giant is Ageing Fast; Growth to Stop Helping World's Economy

Today's Chinese data suggests China is the ageing giant. Will it follow Japan where its ageing population that has caused so much economic malaise? China may not have a choice however, in fact, the world may not have a choice. Current population growth is simply not sustainable for the planet.
Census results released today has China's population at 1.34 billion with 73.9 million more people since 2000.

As a comparison, India, which added 181 million in the last decade and now has 1.21 billion, will surpass the Chinese population size by 2025, at the current rates.

Chief statistician Ma Jiantang says: “China’s ageing population is increasing quickly while the birth rate remains low,”.

The population growth dropped to 0.57% during the last decade (down from 1.07% 10 years earlier).

Also, almost half the people in China has moved into cities.
The average household size dropped from 3.4 persons to 3.1. China, however, will continue limiting urban families to one child and rural families to two.
Chinese over 60 years old now make up 13.26% of the population. Chinese below 14 years make up 16.6% of the population.

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