Monday, May 16, 2011

IMF Head Follows Wikileaks' Assange and Goes to Jail for Supposed Sex Offenses

Dominique Strauss-Kahn follows a ling list of leaders and prominent figures tried or jailed for, or accused of sex crimes.

Wikileaks's Assange was also jailed for supposed sex crimes.

What a world.

I was reading the wonderful book "Physics of the Impossible", by Mikio Kaku, last night, a chapter that deals with parallel universes. An angel comes from the 4th dimension into ours.... can't take what he sees and kills himself.

If course a lot of people are happy with the arrest. Conspiracy theories are running wild now.
Bloomberg: The news... "eliminating President Nicolas Sarkozy’s biggest rival".

"Strauss-Kahn, 62, was charged yesterday with attempted rape and a criminal sex act on a New York hotel maid. He's pleading not guilty. The legal proceedings may force him to stay in the U.S. for several months, while the deadline to participate in the Socialist Party primaries is June 28. The International Monetary Fund’s chief, who led in all the election opinion polls in the past six months, may be scrapped off the candidates list".

“Whatever the investigation shows, Strauss-Kahn cannot make it back to the race and maybe not to French politics all together,” Gerard Grunberg, a professor at the Political Sciences Institute in Paris, said in a telephone interview. “The game is reset; Hollande may take the lead at the Socialist primaries, Sarkozy will try to win over Strauss-Kahn supporters at the center and National Front leader Marine Le Pen is banking on the failure of France’s elite.”

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