Friday, May 6, 2011

Investing in Brazil? 40% of Brazilian Families in Debt Can't Pay It; but 52% Have NO debt

In a survey released on Thursday by the Applied Economic Research (IPEA), the "Expectations Index of Families shows that 51.5% of Brazilian households surveyed in April said they had no debt. That is great news.

However, among those who admit to being delinquent, 38.6% said they would not be able to pay the overdue bills, a number regarded as "worrying" by IPEA.

The indicator on the prospect of default of households fell 1.9 percent last month compared to March (40.5%) but increased 6.4 percentage points compared to January (32.2%).

The research shows that the IPEA in the North, 54.2% of households reported not having how to pay their debts. Next is the Northeast (37.6%), Southeast and South (both 36.3%) and Midwest (22.7%). The average household debt of those in arrears rose from R $ 4,194.97 in March to R $ 5,247.78 in April.

According to the president of the IPEA, Marcio Pochmann, the growth of the average debt in households can be explained partly by the greater number of families who could not pay their bills in previous months, which makes the value of the debt grow.

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