Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intel Enters Tablet Market; New Amazing Asus AX21

Intel has reveklaed its plans to enter the Tablet market and makie all those who boight iPads wished they had waited. The company announced details of the “ultrabook” at the Computex, saying the new device would combine the power of laptops with the features of tablets.
Intel also touted more than 10 new tablets based on its technology. Intel is banking on users not being totally happy wth Tablet format.

MarketWatch: “There are millions of users who are still quite keyboard centric and are not ready to walk away from the use of a laptop in their lives,” analyst Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies Inc. said.

“However, they are also reluctant to carry another device like a tablet with them, which only adds to the amount of devices they have in their digital lifestyles,”  “I think that these convertibles, if they are really thin and light, will strike a chord with this type of user and could be the type of device they choose to use instead buying two different devices.”

The Asus AX21 is the first UltraBook:

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