Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cheapest and Most Expensive ETFs in Canada (by MER)

Here are the cheapest and most expensive ETFs in Canada by MER:



- BCA, BMO Canadians Titans 60, MER: 0.158%
- XIU, iShares Large Cap 60: 0.17%


- XSB: iShares Canadian Short Bonds: 0.25%
- XBB, iShares Canadian Bonds: 0.30%

Sector ETFs:

- XEG, iShares TSX Energy: 0.55%
- CLO, Claymore OilSands: 0.6%

Most expensive ETFs:

- Horizon BetaPro Bull+ and Bear+ ETFs: 1.15%

There it is, one more reason to stay away from those ETFs!

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