Thursday, June 4, 2009

Top 20 Companies to Short in the S&P500

Yesterday we posted a performance analysis of the most overbought companies in the S&P500, most overbought defined by their computed by RSI7 value. We showed that indeed, the higher the RSI, the higger the loss in down days. Given that the SPX continues at stratospheric overbought levels, here are the top 20 companies to short, by RSI7:

Yesterday's analysis:

rsi>80 -2.89%
rsi>70 -3.08%
80>rsi>70 -3.15%
70>rsi>60 -2.18%
60>rsi>50 -1.56%
50>rsi>40 -1.62%
rsi<40 -1.96%

Overall S&P500 average was -2.44%.

We post these numbers regularly.

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