Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zenn Electric Car, Supercapacitors in Action (Videos)

We have commented on a couple of occasions about Zenn Motor Company. This Canadian company is attracting great attention because of their use of supercapacitors to power their new electric cars.

My son, who just turned 10, did an experiment of capacitors vs supercapacitors. He charged both a capacitor and a supercapacitor and used them to power a little motor coupled to a plastic rotor. The results are astounding. Please see the videos below.

Initially, both capacitors are charged for about 5 seconds by the power source (a battery), then the power source is removed. Now the rotor is spinning powered by the energy stored in he capacitor only.



The capacitor was 2,200uF. The supercapacitor, much smaller, as can be seen on the video, was rated 6F!

With the capacitor, the rotors spins for less than 1 second fater the battery is removed. With the supercapacitor, the rotors spins for over 12 seconds.

Zenn trades under the symbol ZNN on the TSXv.

Disclaimer: I have no position on Zenn. I would just like to buy their cars in Canada, which we are not allowed to do.

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