Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seasonality Trading: Impressive Record, Large Gains

"Buy when it snows, sell when it goes". Mr. Don Vialoux was on BNN yesterday. He also has an impressive record. His past picks were up +33%. He is really calling for profit taking now.

Some recommendations:

- Oil: Sell in May

- Gold: Buy in July, trade approaching

- Mining sector from May to October period is random (no seasonality) Top period is end of October to end of May, with a sweet spot of mid January to mid May

- Agrium, Potash: Buy end of June (may have started earlier this year, but he is looking for a pullback in June), sell in December

- Oracle: seasonality positive from October to January

- Consumer staples: October to mid April

- Retail sector: Strong December to April. Sector has already hit its seasonal peak.

- Oil: strength is from end of November to the 2nd week in June:

- Energy sweet spot: Mid January to end of May

- UNG: Works end of July to end of October, has worked 8 out of 10 years.

- Emerging market: October to end of May

Top picks: CASH! Market is simply overbought.


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