Saturday, April 3, 2010

Investing in Chinese Stocks: The Best and Worst China ETFs for April

ETF Report discusses today the performance of all Chinese ETFs on the market:

Chinese ETFs are tracked live on this site. The following table shows the performance since 2009 and 2008 (if the ETF existed back then, many of them are quite new).

(Please click to enlarge)

The top performer in 2010 are CZM and CQQQ. CZM is a 3X ETF, so it should be avoided as its performances varies wildly from the day to day and its value will be eaten way just with time. CQQQ is a technology ETF.

The worst performers are CZI and FXP. CZI is a 3X ETF, and FXP is a 2X ETF, both to stay away from. The worst performing 1X ETF is CHIE, the energy sector.

As readers know we use a measure derived from relative strength indicators to pinpoint the best ETFs for the short and long terms. Here they are, from most oversold to most overbought:

There is only one oversold ETF, FXP. It is actually oversold in both short and long timeframes, but it is a leveraged ETF. Note that the Chinese Yuan ETF CYB is the 2nd most oversold in the long term. We have written a few rimes about the possibility of the Yuan being revalued and how to profit from it.

There is one overbought ETF: HAO , the Claymore Alphashares small cap. In the short term, the worst ETF (as in most overbought) are FXI, XPP and FCHI

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