Friday, October 1, 2010

3X ETFs and 2X ETFs: Don't Walk, Run! Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction

We have posted many time on this before. Some people out there still insist on buying these dreadful ETFs.
Please take a look at the following charts.

FAS and FAZ since April:

One is +11%, the other is -40%. Remember one is  bear the other is a bull version, which daily go up or down the same absolute amount. You know what happens in te long term to anyoen who 'accummlulates" this junk.

FAS and FAZ since 2008: -98% and -74%

SDSD-SSO since April: -9% and -0.4%

SDS-SSO since 2006: -42% and -60%:


Weapons of mass financial destruction indeed.

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