Monday, October 4, 2010

Brazil Election Results: Good for the Real

Brazilian elections proved all the polls wrong. Two days befoere elections day and same day polls showed Lula's candidate leading with 51% of the votes, with a margin of error of +-2%.

Final result was:

  • Dilma Roussef, 45.9% (47.6M votes)
  • Jose Serra, 32.61% (33.1M votes)
  • Marina Silva, 19.33% (19.6M votes)
The runoff will be held at the end of October featuring Rousseff vs Serra.. It is very unlikely that the Brazilian central bank will touhc intrrest rates in this period.

Please note that we track Brazilian stocks live here.

Here are the results for state governors. Lula's party is the PT.

The ETF for the Brazilian real is BZF (track all currency ETFs live here)

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