Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fed is Now Blogging

The New York Fed is now blogging. Will they blog about to whom they are lending money?

Will they have Twitter and Facebook too? Who will be their friends?

Their first blog posting:

"Welcome to Liberty Street Economics"

"On behalf of the Research and Statistics Group of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, we welcome you to our new blog, Liberty Street Economics, named after the street where the New York Fed is located. We have created this blog to augment our existing publications by providing a way for our economists to engage with the public about economic issues quickly and frequently. Further, the less technical style that we are striving for in the blog posts should make the insights from our research informative to a broader audience".

"You should expect to see posts on diverse issues and from a wide variety of perspectives. We will feature the work of the more than sixty economists in the Research and Statistics Group. This staff of active researchers supports Fed policymaking by providing analytical insight into a range of public policy issues and pursuing research on fundamental questions in economics and finance. In the course of their work here, economists develop expertise on a wide range of economic issues: international economics, asset pricing, corporate finance, banking, macroeconomics, monetary economics, fiscal policy, industrial organization, microeconomics, survey techniques, regional economics, and more. We believe that the blog is an effective medium for meeting our responsibility to share our analysis with you in an accessible and timely way".

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