Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Japan Considering Covering Nuclear Reactors, or Transferring Nuclear Water Into Tankers

China daily reports that Japan's government is considering the unprecedented measure of covering three nuclear reactor buildings at the stricken Daiichi facility with special covers. China is concerned as radiation has also been detected in China (some form of Iodine, which is considered less dangerous)

"The (radiation) figures are rising further," "We need to find out as quickly as possible the cause and stop them from rising any higher."

"We are in an unprecedented situation, so we need to think about different strategies, beyond those we normally think about,"

Local media reports that Japan's government is now considering covering three of the facility's outer reactor buildings with special fabric caps and installing air filters to limit radiation leakage.

The government has also thought about bringing an empty tanker near the No. 2 reactor building to pump several Olympic swimming pools worth of radioactive water into its storage facilities, to be disposed of elsewhere.

One wonders where?

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