Thursday, December 22, 2011

Apple's Growth and Glory Now Hurt By Weak Economies As Consumers Stop Buying iPhones; Android Rules in Europe

Reuters reports today that mighty Apple is takjing a hit due to the weak economies of Europe, as well as lower prices of excellent competitors' smartphones.

Apple iPhones sales across Europe are being hurt, says data from research firm Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The new iPhone 4S failed to excite interest in continental Europe, and Apple's share smartphone market dropped. The smartphone industry is now dominated by Google's Android platform.

Kantar saiys that  in France its share slipped to 20 percent from 29 percent and in Germany to 22 percent from 27 percent, with similar drops were in Italy and Spain, unlike in the United States and Britain.

"The French market is showing increasing signs of price sensitivity," says the same firm.

Google had market shares of between 46 and 61 percent in all markets, with devices from Samsung Electronics, Sony Ericsson, LG Ericsson and Motorola Mobility who use the Android platform.

"In Germany, Android achieved a dominant 61 percent share of smartphone sales in the latest 12 weeks, with the Samsung Galaxy S II the top selling handset,"

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