Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sarkozy Warns of European Desintegration; Ireland Tells them France and Germany Don't Get To Decide For All

The fear mongering continues.

Sarkozy today:  "Never has Europe been so necessary. Never has it been in so much danger." Europe or the banks?

"Never have so many countries wanted to join Europe. Never has the risk of a disintegration of Europe been so great. Europe is facing an extraordinarily dangerous situation." 
However, he said the eurozone economies still had a few weeks to decide.
It should be noted that Fance and Germany don't get to decide the future of Europe by themselves.

Ireland is opposed to the idea of wholesale treaty change and the propsed Franco-German idea that would move Europe towards a single corporate tax rate. Crazy.

Lucinda Creighton Europe Minister for Ireland: "We have our red lines too. This is not a fait accompli just because two have found agreement."

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