Monday, December 12, 2011

Interview With Kyle Bass: Total Wipe-Out Coming

Fabulous interview with renowned hedge fund manager Kyle Bass, on the current dire situation, which is abut to get much worse, permanent job losses, bonds, global debt going from $80T to $210T, growing at 12% annual growth rate, while GDP has grown at 4% only, therefore... boom. He says the U.S. is lucky to get 1.5% grwoth, but the nimimum to keep unemployment from going up is 2.25%!

The bill is due today.

What Bernanke is saying is that interest rares will stay low... forever. He cannot raise them.

December 19th: the day of decision for Greece.  It's a full wipe-out.

This is from he mentions that Geithner has been god:

Watch interview (1h)

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