Friday, October 30, 2009

Japan, The Land of The Setting Sun, Will the U.S. Follow The Same Path?

There are two economies in Japan: the exporting economy (Sony, Honda, Fuji, and many other well know names), and the backnone of SMBs for the internal market. In generation from today, one in two Japanese will be retired, population will decline from 126M to 90M.

BNN interviewed Don Campbell, former Canadian ambassador to Japan, and senior strategy advisor, Davis LLP; and Derek Burney, senior strategic advisor, Ogilvy Renault, former CEO, CAE, and former Canadian ambassador to the U.S.

In Japan, there is no imminent fiscal crisis, there has been one for the last 16 years! There is deflation and a pension crisis. Will the U.S. follow a similar path?

Watch video part I, part II.

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