Wednesday, October 28, 2009

USO Backtesting of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Alerts

Speaking of oil, I ran USO through the Trade Alert tool (INO), backtesting all results on monthly, weekly, and daily alerts.

Monthly alerts:

Weekly alerts:

Daily alerts:

Here is the performance:

(please click to view)

- Monthly: ROI 158.3% (vs buy & hold ROI of -45.1%)

- Weekly: ROI 123.9% (vs buy & hold ROI of -44.1%)

- Daily: ROI 46.9% (vs buy & hold ROI of 44.6%)

Overall, these are pretty good results, particularly for the monthly and the weekly.

Note that the daily includes a winning trade at the beggining. Even if we exclude this trade, the ROI is still quite positive.

You can access the tool here (link for free trial), or just get the alerts emailed to you on any symbol you enter here (not real-time). INO also has a free trading course. Please do your own due dilligence!

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