Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New U.S. Dollar Alert Triggered

A new red triangle (daily) was just generated on the USDX index.

(please click to enlarge)

Note that the index works 24h and the alert was triggered at 4:30AM.

(chart only showng 24h tracking)

"US DOLLAR INDEX (NYBOT_DX) is trading at 75.623 -0.353 (-0.45%) and has triggered a new LOW for a Red Daily Trade Triangle:

Last 75.623
Net Change -0.353 (-0.45%)
Score -90

Open 75.857
Day High 75.881
Day Low 75.498
Prev Close 77.736

"Forex: Weekly Triangles determine trend and possible entry points.Daily Triangles determine timing: exits, entries and re-entries. The last triangle issued on the weekly chart should always be used to identify the overall trend. You can also use the weekly triangle as a potential entry point if you can get into the market within the last 3 trading days of the signal. Then you are to look at the daily triangles for possible exit and re-entry points, or entry points if your weekly is in a steady trend. Key Rule: always trade with the trend. Make sure your weekly and daily triangles correspond in direction. "

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