Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ambak Is Now a Penny Stock: Analysts Recommendations are Stunning

Ambak (ABK) has dropped from around $100 to $0.78:

Bill Cara looked up the previous analysts recommendations on ABK and finds disturbing facts. He reports today:

"Since after the beginning of the Bear in October 2007, look for instance at the track record of Deutsche Securities:

- Nov 2-07 Reiterated a Buy at $104, and down to $59
- Jan 17-08 Reiterated a Buy at $59, and down to $27
- Jan 18-08 Downgraded to Hold
- Mar 19-08 Reiterated a Hold at $19 down to $9
- Nothing further

ABK is now 78 cents.

This ought to be held up and shown to the world as a criminal act. Nothing less.
Deutsche Securities is not alone. Friedman Billings, Banc of America Securities, Citigroup, Calyon Securities, and Piper Jaffray are others. Check the record; then call your congressional representatives and tell them they are asleep at the switch, and that as a voter you will not put up with it anymore. Demand prosecution".

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