Monday, November 16, 2009

H1N1 No Worse Than Regular Flu: Cash In Those H1N1 Stocks Now

Canada's chief public health officer says the pandemic virus appears to be no deadlier than regular seasonal influenza and that there could actually be substantially fewer flu deaths than normal this season. See Ottawa Citizen article today.

"the mortality rate from this (H1N1) is no worse than seasonal flu," Dr. David Butler-Jones said. "The individual risk of severe disease or dying if you happen to get the flu is very similar today as it was back in June. It's just that we're starting to see a lot more people affected,"

Butler-Jones said that "Canada's national pandemic plan estimated a flu outbreak could cause 15 to 35% of the population to fall clinically sick, and force the hospitalizations of 34,000 to 138,000 people. So far, an estimated 7% to eight% of the population has been infected between the first and second wave. While the number of hospitalizations doubled in the week ending Nov. 7 compared to the previous week, to 1,324 from 661, there has been a drop in severe infections.
"As well, the proportion of ICU admissions and deaths among those admitted to hospital with H1N1 is falling".

(CHIP was acquired, it was up +297% on November 8.)

The mass campaign for vaccinations may already be reflected in these companies' stock prices. Unless they find another virus to spread fear, it may be time to lock in profits.

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