Saturday, November 14, 2009

Top Latin American Companies in 2009, Plus Analysis of Buy-Sell Alerts

I track all latin-american companies that trade in the NYSE as ADRs on our tracking live site. Charts and performance are updated automatically duting the day.

Here are the top 20 performers so far this year, with country, sector, and performance indicated:

Those are quite amazing ROIs for the year, and a quite a diversity of countries and sectors at the top, 4 countries represented. Overall, Brazil is the leader, as expected.

I also ran the the top companies through INO's alert tools. The alerts are show below (please click on each chart to enlarge). Red is sell, green is buy. These are issued in real-time.





Those are very impressive alerts, for all of them, but please see for yourself. You can run a free trial of the tool though this custom link. Then you can use it for any symbol you wish, or ETFs, forex or futures. It is great for long-term oriented investors.

You may also receive technical analysis and alerts of these stocks, sent automatically to you by email, by entering the symbols in the Technical Trend Analysis Tool.

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